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Viruses: the invisible threat to health

Viruses: the invisible threat to health

Viruses surround us everywhere, and they're always ready to attack as soon as a person's immune system weakens. From rhinoviruses to coronaviruses, these uninvited guests can cause serious complications, affecting vital organs. But how does a virus cause disease?

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Viruses, these non-cellular forms of life, enter the body through the respiratory or digestive tract. They bind to cells and penetrate inside, causing symptoms of intoxication, such as weakness and chills. Viruses also suppress the immune system, making the body vulnerable to other infections. The course and duration of the disease largely depend on immunity, so its support is crucial.


How do antiviral product work? 

Antiviral products are divided into two groups: broad-spectrum agents and targeted agents. Some of them, such as Cycloferon, have activity against specific strains of viruses, including influenza and coronavirus. Targeted product hit the mark, but only if the causative virus is correctly identified. The symptoms of ARVI, especially at the beginning of the disease, are very similar, so it is important to see a doctor at the first symptoms.


Antiviral products work by blocking viruses or activating the immune system. Some of them, such as Rimantadine and Arbidol, block the proteins of the virus, preventing it from destroying healthy cells. Others, such as Viferon and Grippferon, enhance the production of interferons, strengthening immunity.


When a cold pathogen penetrates a cell, it reacts to it by producing interferons. If the body lacks interferons, a person gets sick longer and more severely. To strengthen immunity, interferon-based OTC products have been developed, such as Viferon, Grippferon, as well as Kagocel, Arbidol, Ingavirin, Amiksin, Trekrezan, and others.


Herbal and homeopathic remedies


In addition to traditional OTC products, there are also herbal remedies, such as Giporamin, as well as homeopathic remedies, such as Oscillococcinum and Aflubin. These products have a gentle effect on the body and can be used in therapeutic, prophylactic, and complex therapy in children and adults.


Cycloferon: a new generation of antiviral agents


Among the new generation of antiviral agents, Cycloferon stands out. This interferon inducer not only has broad antiviral properties but also an immunomodulatory effect. Cycloferon is hypoallergenic, stimulates the production of its own interferon, and combines well with other OTC products. Moreover, viral resistance does not form to it. All the most well-known interferon inducers, including Tiloron, Cycloferon, Kagocel, Neovir, etc., were developed by domestic scientists. The effectiveness of Cycloferon in the treatment and prevention of influenza and other ARVI has been convincingly established.




Viruses are relentless, but so is your ability to fight them. With Cycloferon, you have a trusted ally in your health arsenal. Don't wait for the symptoms to strike; take charge of your well-being today.



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