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Runny Nose and Congestion: Causes and Effective Russian Remedies in USA Apteka

Dealing with a runny nose and congestion is a common but bothersome experience. These symptoms are more than mere annoyances; they're signals from our body indicating an underlying issue.

In this article, Russain online pharmacy USA Apteka reveals the main reasons and explores various treatment methods and how to effectively manage these symptoms using popular Russian remedies like Naphthyzin, Noxivin, Pencil for Inhalation Golden Star, Snup, Nazofin Spray, Pinosol Nasal Spray, and Sanorin nasal drops and spray.


Runny nose and congestion can arise from various factors. Common cold or flu viruses are frequent culprits, often leading to these uncomfortable symptoms. Allergies, too, play a significant role, with pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens causing allergic rhinitis. Environmental irritants like smoke, strong odors, and pollution can also irritate the nasal passages, leading to a runny nose. Additionally, sudden weather changes can trigger these symptoms.

In managing allergic rhinitis medications play a key role. Antihistamines, available over the counter can alleviate sneezing, itching, a runny nose, and watery eyes. Decongestants offer temporary relief from nasal stuffiness, while steroid nasal sprays reduce inflammation in the nasal passages. Here is our collection of remedies for curing Allergy.

Nasal drops are often used in various acute respiratory diseases as part of local therapy. It's important to remember that they are a medicinal product, just like cough syrup or fever-reducing pills. Therefore, it's essential to consult a doctor before using nasal drops and to study the instructions. Each medication has its application features, including dosage and treatment regimen. However, there are general rules for using nasal drops to cleanse the nasal cavity, which will be discussed below.

Main Rules

  • Nasal Cleansing: Before using the drops, it's necessary to clear the nasal passages of mucus. If needed, they can be rinsed with special solutions containing sea water.
  • Using the Drops: The drops should be administered while sitting or in a semi-reclining position. It's better to slightly tilt the head back, turning it towards the nostril into which the drops are being administered. After the drops have been administered, avoid tilting the head back excessively so that the medication can work and not immediately flow down the throat. You can also briefly pinch the nostrils to prevent the drops from spilling out. A light massage of the bridge of the nose can be beneficial.
  • Using the Spray: When using sprays, tilt your head slightly forward and insert the nozzle into one nostril, gently squeezing the bottle or pump. After application, keep your head tilted for a few minutes to let the medication work, and avoid blowing your nose immediately afterward.

What Not to Do

  • The main precaution is not to violate the instructions for the medication, exceed the dosage, or use the drops for an extended period. Pay attention to the age from which the drops can be used, as many have age restrictions.
  • Also, avoid administering the drops while standing and tilting the head back excessively.
  • When multiple medications are prescribed, it's important to follow the order of their application. First, the nose should be cleared of mucus. If a rinse is prescribed, do that first, and then use the nasal drops. If decongestant and antibacterial or antimicrobial agents are prescribed simultaneously, decongestants should be used first.

Russian solutions against runny nose and congestion 

Each product has its specific usage guidelines.

Naphthyzin: This nasal decongestant quickly relieves nasal congestion. Ideal for short-term use, it reduces swelling in the nasal passages.

Naphthyzin for Adults 10ml - Нафтизин для взрослых 10мл


Pencil for Inhalation Golden Star: A unique product, this inhalation pencil is convenient for on-the-go relief from nasal congestion.

Pencil for inhalation Golden Star - Золотая Звезда Карандаш для ингаляций

Pinosol Nasal Spray: Infused with natural oils, Pinosol provides a soothing effect and is great for those who prefer a natural approach.

Pinosol Nasal Spray 10ml - Пиносол Спрей назальный 10мл - USA Apteka

Pinosol Nasal Spray 10ml - Пиносол Спрей назальный 10мл

Sanorin Nasal Drops and Spray: These products offer relief from nasal congestion with a gentle formula suitable for sensitive noses.

Snup: This nasal spray is effective for severe congestion and runny nose. It should be used as directed to avoid overuse.

Snup 1mg nasal spray 15ml - Снуп 1мг Спрей назальный 15мл - USA Apteka

Nazorin Spray: An excellent choice for allergic rhinitis, Nazofin helps reduce inflammation and ease symptoms.

Nazofin Spray 10ml - Назорин Спрей 10мл

Nazorin Spray 10ml - Назорин Спрей 10мл


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Managing Symptoms at Home

In addition to these products, managing symptoms at home is crucial. Staying hydrated helps thin the mucus while using humidifiers can maintain indoor humidity and soothe irritated nasal passages. Getting adequate rest is also crucial for recovery.

Eating a balanced diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce inflammation. Since stress can exacerbate allergic reactions, incorporating relaxation techniques into your routine can be beneficial.

Using nasal drops and sprays effectively is a key component in managing various nasal conditions. Remember, the right technique and adherence to guidelines can significantly enhance the effectiveness of these treatments. It's always advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice, especially if symptoms persist or worsen.


Our Russian pharmacy is always near, in a couple of clicks. Check out our carefully curated selection. Enjoy the convenience of free delivery on orders over $59. Take this opportunity to care for your nasal health with our top-quality products.

Take care and breathe easy!

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