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Busting Myths about Flu, Cold, and COVID: Insights from USA Apteka, Your Russian Pharmacy in the USA

Covid-19, Flu and ARVI - on the Internet there is a lot of advice on how not to get sick, and if you do catch the “bacillus” - to identify the disease and cope with it. However, how much truth is there in them?

In this article, the Russian pharmacy USA Apteka examines the 6 most popular myths about the Flu, colds and Covid-19. Read on to find out which facts have been confirmed by science and which are fiction.




Many people believe that the symptoms of influenza and ARVI are identical. Indeed, with a mild form of the disease it can be difficult to distinguish between them. However, it is important to remember that the flu is usually more acute, the symptoms are more severe and there is a risk of complications.

cold flu simptoms

As for Covid-19, symptoms may vary depending on the specific strain of the virus. Therefore, if you suspect Covid-19 disease, it is recommended to go to a medical facility and get tested.


I'm sick because it's blowing

In fact, the cause of colds is viruses that actively replicate in the body. This is why doctors often call the common cold ARVI, which means acute respiratory viral infection.

You can only become infected with ARVI, influenza or COVID-19 from a person who is already infected. Viruses are transmitted by airborne droplets and direct contact. Many people mistakenly believe that being outside in frosty weather reduces the risk of infection, since viruses spread worse in the cold. However, studies show that the influenza virus can actively spread even at temperatures of minus 10-15 degrees and high humidity.

It is also worth considering that low temperatures can weaken the immune system, especially when the body is hypothermic, which increases the likelihood of infection. Therefore, if you feel unwell, it is better to limit communication with others to minimize the risk of spreading the infection.


If your temperature is normal, you are not contagious

It is a myth. Fever often accompanies flu, colds and Covid, but not always. You can remain contagious for 3 to 12 days, even after symptoms have disappeared.

Do not rush to return to normal life immediately after your condition improves. It is better to continue treatment, rest and wait for complete recovery.


COVID-19 is a common ARVI

This is not true. There are different types of coronaviruses, from harmless to deadly. SARS-CoV-2 is not as deadly as some others, but is highly contagious and can cause severe post-Covid syndrome. Therefore, if severe symptoms of the disease appear, it is important to promptly consult a doctor for help.


To prevent diseases, it is enough to take vitamins and harden yourself

This is true, but there are several nuances. In the case of vitamins, they are best obtained from food. In some cases, vitamin support is also necessary - this will be recommended by a medical professional. So, vitamin C can reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms, but only if you're already taking it daily as a preventative measure. The same goes for vitamin D.

Fervex 8 sachets - Фервекс 8 пакетиков
Ascorbinka (Vitamin C) 10tab - Аскорбинка (Витамин С) 10таб

Hardening through exposure to cold and physical exercise can enhance the immune response. However, other factors must be taken into account, such as smoking, lack of sleep and chronic diseases, which may increase the risk of the disease.


Flu and Covid vaccines cause these diseases

Myth. In fact, vaccination is the most effective way to prevent severe illness from these diseases. Vaccines may contain elements of viruses, but they are absolutely safe and in rare cases may only cause mild illness.

For example, the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine contains the S protein gene, which is located on the surface of the virus and serves as a target for the immune system. The creation of a vaccine does not require the presence of a live virus, so it is impossible to get infected from it.


I'll take an antibiotic and everything will go away

Myth. Antibiotics are only effective against bacteria, not viruses. Improper use of antibiotics can lead to the development of bacterial resistance to treatment and imbalance of microflora in the body, causing diarrhea and other side effects.

In the fight against colds, symptomatic treatment helps first, which includes drinking warm drinks, antipyretics and bed rest.

Upsarin Upsa 16 tab - Упсарин Упса 16таб - USA Apteka


Theraflu 10 sachets - Терафлю 10 пакетиков


Paracetamol - Парацетамол


Studies have shown that warm drinks, especially chicken broth, promote the production of mucus, which has bactericidal properties.

In some cases, immunomodulatory drugs may be prescribed to support the immune system.

Arbidol adults 10 cap - Арбидол для взрослых и детей от 6 лет 10 кап
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Imustat 10 tab - Имустат 10таб
Ingavirin 60 - Ингавирин 60 для лечения и профилактики гриппа и ОРВИ от 7 лет
Triazavirin - Триазавирин противовирусное средство
Cycloferon - Циклоферон
Anaferon 20 tab - Анаферон 20 таб 

In a world where there is a plethora of news and advice every day, it is extremely important to trust only trusted sources and consult with health professionals.


Our Russian pharmacy in the USA USA Apteka is always near - just two clicks away. Order proven Russian medicines with delivery throughout America, with free shipping on orders over $59. Don't forget to register on the website and participate in the "Vitaminki" rewards program, which allows you to accumulate bonuses and use them for purchases at our pharmacy.

Remember that your health is your most valuable asset. Take care of yourself, choose reliable sources of information and take full advantage of our loyalty program to maintain a high level of health.

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